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Small and Medium Enterprise, stable success in Russia

Sell your products and services

In marked contrast to what many people are saying, Russia is NOT a difficult country in which to sell your products, do business or set up new projects. The rules may be different and the ‘game’ of work done in a slightly different way, but it is not rocket science. Really. 

As the saying goes, in Russia it is not what you know, but whom you know. With our team you can be sure of a good start because we know the people you need to know, and how the institutions work. In addition, we also know the best way to start doing things in Russia properly in the most optimal and economic way.  When you work with our team, it is as if you already know the tricks of the trade and are at home in Russia.  

We stand behind the reasonable prices we charge for our services and offer international standards of quality and in-depth local knowledge on how to organize and manage things; we are always up to date with the changes in the legislation that can have an impact on your project.  

 We can help you to clearly see business opportunities and improve your current assets, so you can really make use of all the opportunities available in Russia, now and for many years to come. Because well begun is half done!  Our interdisciplinary approach has proven itself time and again



Successful launch of Web Site Lisette Breukink

Lisette Breukink, active in setting up business  in Russia since 1998, launched her new Website. Find here all you need for setting op a company in Russia or improve your cooperation and sales



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Lisette@breukink.nl, Pushkinskaja Ulitsa 16 Saint Petersburg, Russia   +79218889611